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Issa Batarseh
Researches and develops advanced power electronics for solar-energy conversion to improve affordability and performance.

Issa Batarseh Professor

Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: Harris Engineering Ctr, Room 204

He is also:

Director of the Energy System Integration Division, Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)


"My inspiration comes from working with highly talented students and the realization that my research produces innovations that help our planet become greener and our environment cleaner."


Batarseh and his team focus on the development of solar-energy conversion to improve cost, power density, efficiency, and performance. His work led to the development and commercialization of the first grid-tied microinverter with revolutionized architecture: a photovoltaic (PV) panel level DC-to-AC inverter, opening the world of solar energy to low-income populations throughout the globe. Today, his research also focuses on integrating his microinverter technology with batteries that can store extra solar power for later use.

Societal Impact

Batarseh’s work with power electronics has revolutionized the solar energy industry. His microinverter-based design has increased our ability to harness solar energy, resulting in more powerful, more efficient, and more compact micro-inverters. Batarseh co-founded Petra Systems to manufacture his smart-grid interactive solar power system. Today, Petra Systems has installed over 215,000 microinverter-based distributed power generation systems across the US, the Middle East, and North Africa, creating jobs and opportunities for local manufacturing.

Graduate Students

Advising one master’s student and eight doctoral students. Previously advised 44 master’s students and 35 doctoral students. Collectively, they published more than 350 conference and journal papers, including more than 65 journal papers in the top IEEE Transactions.


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago (1990)

M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago (1985)

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Illinois, Chicago (1983) Graduated with High Honors

Certificate, Leading in Times of Crisis Harvard Kennedy School, Athens, Greece (May 2012)

Featured Video

A leader in power electronics research and development, Issa Batarseh’s innovations have increased our ability to harness solar energy. This video shows the impact of his work and how it revolutionized an entire industry, paving the way towards greener, more sustainable energy. Produced by University of Central Florida.

Courses He Teaches

EEL 6246 – Power Electronics II

Current Projects

Over the last few years, the research team in the Florida Power Electronics Center has successfully carried out several projects including power electronics; battery thermal and management; and smart battery charging systems. It has successfully executed projects funded by the federal government and private sectors, with expenditures exceeding $15 million.


The Florida Power Electronics Center (FPEC) was established in 1998 to research and develop energy conversion systems using advanced power electronics as an enabling technology. The Center’s mission is to develop advanced energy conversion technologies for solar and other renewable sources through multidisciplinary engineering research and education in the field of power electronics. Funding agencies include the Department of Energy, Ford, Lockheed Martin, Free Scale, Army, Air Force, NASA, Emerson, Petra Solar, Intel, Electrodynamics, Lockheed Martin, Allied Signals, ApECOR, and the Industry Application Society of IEEE.

Equipment and Capabilities

Highly advanced research facilities are designed to carry out diverse power electronics research projects in renewable energy applications.

Discoveries/Publication Highlights

Based on his new microinverter innovations, Batarseh co-founded the company Petra Systems, that established its research and development facilities in Central Florida Research Park in 2009. In that same year, the company was selected by the New Jersey Technology Council as the winner of the Clean/Green Company of the Year Award and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities as Market Innovator of the Year.

The company went on to secure $54 million in venture capital to design and manufacture the first smart grid-interactive microinverter-based solar system for installation on utility distribution poles. These new systems generate new solar energy, monitor the grid, and provide localized light control with the added benefit of grid reliability.

Batarseh has 64 Full IEEE Transactions.

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  • Florida Inventors Hall of Fame
  • The Royal Scientific Society of Jordan
  • University Teaching Incentive Award

Successful Commercialized Patented Innovations:

MaxHarvest Microinverters, Petra Solar, Power Supply Concepts, and