Welcome Students!

The Evaluation & Proficiency Center is a secure CECS Testing Center available to students that utilize the EPC service in the lecture component of their courses.

Your First Visit

Before your visit the EPC, here are some items you should bring, and some items that would be best left in a safe location.

What to Bring
  • Your UCF ID Card
  • A Writing Utensil
  • Comfortable Clothing
What Not to Bring
  • Large Personal Items
  • Food or Drink
  • Skateboards

Lockers are available free of charge to store small to medium personal items during your assessment. Your first visit to the EPC you will take an EPC Introduction Quiz, which some instructors use to fufill the "Confirming Academic Activity for Federal Financial Aid" requirement. This is designed as a low stress paricipation quiz to assist in familiarizing yourself with the EPC.

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