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As part of the strategic approach and evolution of eli2, we have completed a detailed impact assessment of the undergraduate program.  Given below is an executive summary along with a more detailed report.  This short video offers a quick overview of our program and impact.

In summary, the eli2 undergrad program (eli2 UGP) has eight strategic advantages for our industry partners and UCF:

1. The eli2 UGP helps our stakeholders close a skills gap in undergraduate engineering, computer science, or information technology students. Our stakeholders are looking for us to help our students enhance their confidence, desire, and knowledge to:

  • Be technically sound
  • Be creative, innovative, collaborative, accountable
  • Be the owners of their career
  • Be the owners of a well-balanced life.

2. The eli2 UGP delivers the unique “All Get Some, Some Get All” integrated program. The program provides opportunities across four years.  The UCF Maker Spaces are an integral part of the program.

3. The eli2 UGP is strategic for our stakeholders. The strategic opportunity for:

  • Our corporate partners is a predictable stream of high-quality graduates
  • Our students is being employable when they graduate
  • UCF is to provide “The best undergraduate education available in Florida” and be “America’s leading partnership university”.

4. The eli2 UGP is having a significant impact. We are providing a balanced portfolio of awareness, understanding, and capability experiences. Since Fall 2010,

  • 33,000+ student experiences have been created
  • 80% reported an increase in their creativity practice
  • 78% reported an increase in their innovation practice
  • 79% reported an increase in their collaboration practice
  • 72% reported an increase in their accountability practice
  • 84% reported an increase in their solution delivery practice.

5. We have built a robust, sustainable capability. We have built over 41 products/processes across 11 organizational outcomes.

6. Our process is the key to success. We continue to be strategic, creative, innovative, collaborative, and accountable to deliver and refine the program.

7. The eli2 UGP is fiscally stable and responsible. Our corporate partners are financially supporting us: Duke Energy, Harris Corporation, and Texas Instruments. The MSEM Cohort Program supports our undergraduate efforts.

8. The eli2 UGP is “winning” with our students and our corporate partners. Our students’ stories demonstrate how we are enabling multiple, unique pathways to success. Our corporate partners are sharing their energy:

  • Boeing
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Universal Orlando
  • Nielsen
  • Siemens
  • The Walt Disney Company

Please see the more detailed report: Undergraduate Impact Assessment Story