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As part of the strategic approach and evolution of eli2, we have completed a detailed impact assessment of the graduate program.  This short video offers a quick overview of our program and impacts.

In summary the MSEM cohort based program is strategic for our industry partners and UCF. The MSEM Cohort Program:

Is Partnership Driven. Our partners include: Harris Corporation, Lockheed Martin, NASA/Kennedy Space Center, Raytheon, Siemens, The Walt Disney Company.

Helps our Corporate Partners be Successful. Our partnering organizations are looking to make their strategy real and overcome challenges to enhancing innovation within their cultures.

Has a Significant Impact.  Our alumni reported over $1Billon in business impacts and over 75% of the alumni had significant increases in their job responsibilities.

Is Tailored for the Working Professional. We offer the Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) Cohort program focused on leading the delivery of innovative solutions.  We have established a stand alone degree with a “concierge” level of service.

Is Strategic for Our Stakeholders. For our partners, the strategic opportunity is business growth through innovation and leadership development.  For UCF, the strategic opportunity is “international prominence in key programs of graduate study” & “America’s leading partnership university”.

Is Fiscally Stable and Responsible. The program continues to grow through 8 cohorts with 155 alumni and 42 students in the current cohort.  We have built a robust, sustainable capability. We established a robust delivery system (with 34 of products/processes across 13 capabilities).  We continue to define, deliver, measure, and refine the program with our partners.

The MSEM Cohort Program is “winning” with our students and our corporate partners. Our corporate partners and students view this program as vital to their long-term growth.  Sponsor and alumni testimonials demonstrate we are having a life-long impact.

The more detailed assessment report is provided here: The eli2 MSEM Story