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Master of Science in Engineering Management: Professional Project and Systems Engineering Track

At eli², we offer programs designed to transform early and mid-career engineers, technologists, and scientists into team leaders, lead systems engineers, and project managers to deliver innovative solutions.

In additional to a traditional Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) with classes held at UCF and online during regular academic semesters, UCF also offers a cohort-based Master of Science in Engineering Management with a Professional Project and Systems Engineering track (MSEM-PPSE).

MSEM-PPSE Program Mission – The Big Why

  1. Humanity
    • Deliver World-Changing Solutions
  2. The Organization
    • Corporate Growth
    • Purposeful, Intentional and Consistent Innovative Solution Delivery
    • Cadre of Leaders Who Have the Burning Desire & Confidence to Lead Teams
  3. The Individual
    • Increased Confidence, Comfort, and Presence in Leadership Positions—Lead Teams to Deliver Solutions
    • Career Growth and Corporate Visibility
    • Intellectual and Emotional Maturity
    • A Network of Leaders Who Support Each Other

MSEM-PPSE Program Goals – The Student’s Why

  1. Enhance Innovative Solution Delivery Practice through Mindset, Processes & Tools
    • Innovative Solution Delivery
      • Technology and Strategy
      • Creativity and Innovation
    • Project Management and Leadership
    • Decision Making
      • Statistics + Decision Analysis + Cost Engineering
    • Systems Engineering, Architecting, Integration and Testing
  2. Enhance Professional Development
    • Workplace Presence
    • Life-long Career Management
    • Employee Assistance Programs
    • Technical Communication
  3. Enhance the Life-Long Peer Network
    • Relationships and Connections Inside and Outside of the Organization

MSEM-PPSE Program at a Glance — The What

  1. Provides with Necessary Methods, Processes, and Tools:
    • To Deliver and Manage Complex Systems
    • To Improve On-the-job Performance
    • To Maximize an Organization’s success.
  2. Integrates Project Delivery Processes through:
    • Leadership
    • New Product Development
    • Systems Engineering
    • Cost and Decision Analysis
    • Project Management.

MSEM-PPSE Program at a Glance — The How

  • Designed for Early and Mid-career Working Professional 
  • Dedicated High-quality Faculty
  • Concierge-service Program
  • Highly Interactive Sessions, Every Other Week for a Full Day
  • “Flipped” Online Presence
  • Two-year, Cohort-based Program
  • Pre-defined Curriculum Developed with Logical Course Flow
  • Classes of up to 30 Students at the Rosen College

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