Industrial Engineering and Management Systems

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers design, improve and streamline business operations. They are concerned with increasing quality and efficiency, and decreasing costs, in any organization. In fact, industrial engineers have jobs in almost every major industry such as healthcare, consulting, project management, transportation, aerospace, education, manufacturing, government, and so much more.

UCF’s program focuses on systems integration, human and workplace interactions, supply chain design and logistics, information systems, production operations, business processes, and quality improvement.

Students develop mathematical models of systems, collect and analyze data using statistical methods, then develop and evaluate alternative strategies to determine the most productive way to use resources such as people, machines, materials, space and energy.

Engineering Management

The world needs engineering leaders to deliver world-changing solutions. But engineering leaders aren’t born, they are developed. The UCF Engineering Leadership & Innovation Institute (eli2) is available to develop management and leadership skills in students.

Degree Programs


Industrial Engineering – B.S.

Engineering Leadership Minor (or Certificate)



Industrial Engineering – M.S. and Ph.D.

Engineering Management – M.S.