Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design, construct, manage, monitor, and repair the built environment, which includes roads, buildings, bridges, foundations, tunnels, dams, and water supply and sewage systems. UCF’s civil engineering program focuses on the design and analysis of structures, geotechnical engineering, engineering mechanics, water resources, and transportation engineering. Civil engineers are directly responsible for improving the quality of life and safety of society, and are the forefront of smart city initiatives and technology innovations for civil engineering including Infrastructure, Transportation, water, etc. UCF students are active within the American Society of Civil Engineers, where they participate in steel bridge design and construction and race a concrete canoe, and many other student organizations.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers work at the interface of the natural and built environment to protect society from adverse environmental factors and the environment from natural and human activities. UCF’s program focuses on air pollution control, water and wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste management, environmental health, and remediation. Environmental engineers are responsible for improving the quality of life and safety of society, and plan, design, permit, and maintain projects to comply with regulations and improvement of water, soil, and air quality. UCF’s students are active in the Society of Environmental Engineers and other student organizations.

Construction Engineering

Construction engineering prepares students for the management of construction project planning and control. UCF’s program focuses on construction methods and processes, resource management, cost estimation and scheduling, and resource management. Construction engineers combine knowledge of technical engineering design, economic and managerial processes, labor, and equipment to successfully deliver constructed facilities in a timely fashion that meet budget and quality requirements. UCF’s students are active within the Associated Builders and Contractors.

Degree Programs


Civil Engineering – B.S.

Construction Engineering – B.S.

Environmental Engineering – B.S.



Civil Engineering — M.S. and Ph.D.

Environmental Engineering – M.S. and Ph.D.