BS-MS Program

CECS Accelerated BS-MS Program

The CECS Accelerated BS to MS Programs allows high-achieving students to simultaneously earn both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree. Qualified students can begin their master’s degree course work while they are undergraduate juniors/seniors and double-count up to 12 credit hours of specific graduate courses for both the bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements. The intention of the program is to provide a way for students to complete requirements for both degrees in significantly less time than would normally be required if both degrees were pursued separately. The MS degree is designed to be completed within two or three semesters after completing the undergraduate degree’s requirements.

BS to MS Program Details & Requirements

This program encourages academically talented juniors and seniors the opportunity to double count up to 12 credit hours toward both their undergraduate and graduate degree programs at UCF.


• Students must have a 3.0 UCF and Major GPA*
* Some programs require students to have higher GPAs
• Completed at least 60 Credit Hours and the following courses and milestones with a B or better:

Aerospace, Biomedical, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering
o EGM 3601: Solid Mechanics
o EGN 3343: Thermodynamics or EGN 3343H: Honors Thermodynamics
o EML 3701: Fluid Mechanics

Computer Engineering
o EEL 3123C: Networks and Systems or EEL 3123C: Honors Networks & Systems
o EEL 3801C: Computer Organization
o COP 3503C: Computer Science II or COP 3503H: Honors Computer Science II

Computer Science
o COP 3503C: Computer Science II or COP 3503H: Honors Computer Science II
o The Foundations Exam

Electrical Engineering
o EEL 3123C: Networks & Systems or EEL 3123C: Honors Networks & Systems
o EEL 3801C: Computer Organization

Industrial Engineering
o EIN 4360: Work Design & Facilities Planning
o MAS 3105: Matrix & Linear Algebra
o EIN 3351: Engineering Economic Analysis & Cost Engineering

If you have less than two semesters left in your undergraduate career (not including the current term), you cannot participate in this program. Please consider filing a Pre-Screening Submission.


• Students admitted to the program are required to have the BS to MS Course Approval Form by the second semester following acceptance into the program.
• Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA while in the program.
• Student must complete at least 9 credit hours to apply to the accelerated track for their graduate admissions application. Only those that complete 9 credit hours can apply for a graduate application processing fee waiver.


• After completing at least 60 credit hours, achieving a 3.0 UCF GPA or better, and completing the listed pre-requisite course work with a B or better, then apply to the BS to MS Program.  You can apply online through your MyUCF Portal ( and navigate to your Student Self Service Panel and then Scholarship Application Area.  If you are eligible for the Accelerated Program, the application will appear here.

• Begin taking graduate courses by completing an Override Form, have it approved by your undergraduate program coordinator and return to the CECS Academic Affairs Office (Engineering I, Rm. 107) at least one week prior to the first week of classes.

• During your second semester in the program, you must submit a BS to MS Course Approval Form. This form can be revised as you progress in the program.

• During the fall semester of your senior year, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science BS to MS Students must take the GRE. The GRE is not required for other CECS MS graduate programs.

• Complete your online application to the graduate program. If you have completed or will complete 9 graduate credit hours, please contact the CECS Graduate Advising Office at to request a waiver code. You must request this code BEFORE submitting your application.

• Begin your graduate program and during your first semester you must complete a Graduate Program of Study to formally transfer your graduate courses you successfully completed during your undergraduate career toward your graduate degree.