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Robert A. Mott is an engineering manager for NASA at the John F. Kennedy Space Center. He is presently Deputy Chief of the Fluids and Propulsion Engineering & Technology Division, and Acting Deputy Chief of the Materials Sciences & Research Division. Bob has also served as the Chief of the Fluid Systems Design Branch and Chief of the Propellants, Life Support, & Pressure Systems Branch.

Prior to joining NASA, he worked as an engineering consultant and as a Thin/Thick Film Process Engineer. Bob also served in the United States Naval Reserve as an Engineering Duty Officer and was a partner in AminoGreen Bioengineering Solutions. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida, a Master’s in Business Administration from the Florida Institute of Technology, and a graduate certificate in Space Systems Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology. He is a Registered Professional Chemical Engineer in the State of Florida.

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