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World-class education, innovative programs and pioneering research are the hallmarks of the college. We owe this distinction to our educators and researchers, our accomplished students and alumni, and also to our donors who support CECS, whether by giving philanthropically (funding a scholarship, for example), volunteering (such as mentoring a senior design group) or sharing our success stories. Your support is critical to our continued success.

By giving to CECS, you support:

  • Vital educational initiatives, training programs, and student experiences necessary to prepare highly skilled engineers and computer scientists.
  • Breakthrough faculty research and the resources to attract and retain the best minds in engineering and computer science.
  • Innovation in all areas of engineering and computer science.
  • The rank and reputation of CECS, which in-turn strengthens the value of a UCF degree and the opportunities available for our alumni, friends and industry partners.

Stories of Inspiration

The late Charles “Ed” Bailey generously supported Dr. Ken Stanley’s computer science research.
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