The North America Championship, and North America Programming Camp are premier events conducted by the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). The ICPC regulates a series of algorithmic programming competitions around the world on an annual basis to advance top performers to the pinnacle of programming events: The ICPC World Finals. Teams of three representing their university, work to solve the most challenging real-world problems, fostering collaboration, creativity, innovation, and the ability to perform under pressure. In recent years, approximately 60,000 teams from around the globe compete for one of the coveted 140 placements at the ICPC World Finals, to compete with the best of the best and vie for a shot as the World Champions! North America is one of 8 ICPC Regions around the globe that sends teams to the World Finals. There are 11 Regional Contests and 4 Divisions within North America. Recently, more than 2,500 teams from North America compete annually in programming events to progress to the NAC, with approximately 16 teams advancing to the World Finals, depending on performance.

The NAC is a premier programming competition in North America for the best teams in the Region and is a great source of pride for the institutions and communities that these competing teams represent. The NAC is also a unique event for the event’s sponsors as they can interact not only with some of the best collegiate programmers in North America but also with the schools that train these talented programmers.

Three years ago (2020) was the first year that the NAC took place in North America (February 2020 at Georgia Tech; in-person). Three years ago, was the first year (2020) that the NAPC took place at UCF (March 2020; virtual) Two years ago (2021), it was also the first year that the North America Championship (NAC) and the North America Programming Camp (NAPC) were planned to take place, together, at UCF. The combined event was supposed to take place at UCF in April 2021, but due to COVID-19, was held virtually instead. A year ago (2022), was the first year that the NAC and NAPC events, combined, were executed in-person at UCF (May 26-May 30, 2022). This year (2024), NAC and NAPC will be a combined in-person event and will bring to the UCF campus 50 programming teams to compete at the NAC for a chance to advance to the ICPC World Finals. All teams will be involved in appropriate training opportunities during the May 23-28, 2024, NAC-NAPC combined event. They will also have the chance to interact with the NAC-NAPC event sponsors.


The combined NAC-NAPC event at the University of Central Florida (May 23-28, 2024) will bring to the UCF campus 6 of the best trainers. These trainers have extensive experience in competitive programming and related activities. Training will focus on techniques and topics in competitive programming that are crucial for strong performances at NAC-level contests.


Several sponsors are supporting this year’s (2024) combined NAC-NAPC event. The opportunities that sponsors will have during the NAC-NAPC event (May 23-28, 2024, at UCF) assure them of an ROI (Return on Investment) that is articulated below.

NAC-NAPC Sponsors

Special thanks to our leadership partners: Bev Seay