Dr Subith Vasu

Dr. Subith Vasu is a Professor at the University of Central Florida. His training and work lie at the intersection of engineering, chemistry, physics, and optics. He is an expert in laser/optical sensors, shock waves, spectroscopy, reacting flows, and chemical kinetics. He is a recipient of the following prestigious early career awards: DARPA Director’s Fellowship 2020 (1 out of 12 given in the country); DARPA Young Faculty Award – YFA 2018; Microsoft Investigator Fellowship 2019 (1 out of 15 given in the country); DTRA Young Investigator (YIP) 2016; ACS Doctoral New Investigator (YIP equivalent) 2015; ASME Dilip Ballal Early Career Award 2017 (international award); and SAE Ralph R Teetor Educational Award 2018 (international). Also, he received many highest honors at UCF, including the prestigious “UCF Luminary” and “Reach for the Stars” awards. He currently has ongoing projects from FAA, DoD, DARPA, AFOSR, ONR, Army, DOE, DTRA, AFRL, NASA, and several industries.