Welcome to the IRES Symposium Teaming Aerospace Researchers!

The symposium will host various events, including presentations by UCF and DLR personnel, IRES student panels, guest speakers, and more to showcase the University of Central Florida’s and German Aerospace Center’s (DLR) ongoing collaboration efforts and to encourage teaming for new collaborations. The inaugural 2021 symposium will be held over two days, with a focus of materials, combustion and propulsion topics.

About Our Team

The University of Central Florida’s International Research Experience for Students (IRES) is funded by the National Science Foundation and allows students to collaborate with research mentors at the German Aerospace Center. Students travel to Germany to conduct research alongside scientists at DLR centers. This year our virtual IRES participants have organized this inaugural symposium and have conducted international outreach via video conference software. Browse the site to learn more about UCF’s IRES program, the student team, and their advisors.

Contact Email: Iressymposium@ucf.edu

In the news….

Learn more about some of our collaborative research and researchers

Innovation thrives with joint patent

A 3D confocal Raman spectroscopy sensing method useful for turbine maintenance has been registered by our UCF-DLR team as a patent in the US and Germany

Novel capability enables first test of real turbine engine conditions

UCF-DLR research team succeeds in developing a new in-situ facility for synchrotron capture of thermal barrier coating response at realistic operation conditions.

UCF Engineers Shine Conducting Research Abroad

UCF students travel to Germany to conduct research with DLR scientists.

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