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Research Showcase

The IRES program has provided a unique path for researchers from UCF and DLR to collaborate. Topics for the research projects have ranged from advanced materials to combustion and more. Past teams have had successful outcomes that include joint experiments at national facilities, publications and presentations at national conferences, student fellowships and awards as well as a joint patent.

Expanding Collaborations

UCF’s IRES program doubled in size for the 2021 session, seeing eight students working with advisors at UCF and DLR. IRES-STARs is a new way to present the multiple projects taking place with scientists across various facilities. A major goal for this symposium is to continue the expansion of the IRES program by nurturing new collaborations between researchers. 

A new collaboration awaits… 

Organizing Team

The students of the 2021 IRES Summer Program

Vanessa D’Esposito

Molten Sand Ingression

Raghavan Research Group

Samantha DeNicola

Chemical Kinetic Combustion


Max Fortin

Multi-Injector Hydrogen Burner

Propulsion and Energy Research Laboratory

Jillian Gloria

Superalloy Additive Manufacturing

Raghavan Research Group

Benjamin Latrobe

Flow Control and Particle Tracking

Experimental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Rosa Olivera

Chemical Kinetic Combustion


Michael Tonarely

High Pressure Reacting Jet in Crossflow

Propulsion and Energy Research Laboratory

Drew Vigne

Particle Deposition on Turbine Blades

Computational Fluids and Aerodynamics Laboratory

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