All-Perovskite Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Energy Generation and Security

Fuel cells are highly promising energy conversion systems for the new energy economy and especially in the future hydrogen scenery. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) are of particular interest due to their fuel flexibility, however, high operational temperatures of SOFCs present significant problems for material selection and durability. Therefore, there is considerable impetus to develop lower temperature (LT) SOFC systems. Much attention has been given to the search for different SOFCs materials, as the currently used ZrO2 based ceramics are not the best choice at intermediate temperatures (IT) because of the decreased ionic conductivity. There is a call for novel materials with superior electrical and electrochemical properties that can be employed for LT (500-650 deg C) and IT (650-800 deg C) SOFCs.

The versatile perovskite-type structures (ABO3) are the most promising class of materials to be used in all three main components of single cells in the future. Perovskites can accommodate almost all metal cations into their crystal framework when the electrochemical and ionic radii requirements are fulfilled. This offers the possibility of tailor-making ceramics with the required properties. Therefore, several of the most promising candidates of the perovskite-type ceramics are being explored to design and fabricate lower temperature electrolyte- and anode-based single cells. In these all-perovskite single cells, all three major components, namely anode, electrolyte, and cathode will be produced using different perovskite structures. The developed prototype single cells will then be electrochemically tested.