International Engineering – Testimonials


Many employers that build products worldwide look for engineering and computer science and engineering technology graduates who can function comfortably in an international setting. Studying overseas indicates a willingness to explore new cultures and learn from new experiences.

Many of our students talk about their time abroad as life changing. Traveling to new countries and meeting new people is culturally enriching and exciting.

To be completely honest, my original thoughts towards Sweden were uncertain. Usually when I thought about Europe, the countries France, Spain, Italy, and Germany came to my mind, never Sweden. The study abroad program at UCF gave me the opportunity to experience what I call today the best time of my life in Sweden.

Everything started at the "Kick-off Week" at Jonkoping University. Swedish students that we all called "Fathers" welcome us and made us feel at home from the beginning, even though it was already cold for a Colombian-Floridian like me. Meeting new international students from around the world made it warm and cozy. It felt like a family with over 80 new siblings; later this big family was call Vcrew (Vilhelmsro Family). We were all from different countries living the same experience. I was living with the best Australian roommate, cooking and laughing with my Peruvian amiga, studying with my "Pollito" from Netherlands and a Swiss sleepy friend, and finishing and presenting projects with other friends from Italy, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Estonia, Poland and more. This multicultural experience taught me a lot and changed my world view. Besides learning from a new style of engineering classes based on multiple group projects and only one final exam, I learned a lot about European culture.

Traveling was also part of this semester abroad. Jonkoping University planned great trips that are hard to describe with words now. In Norway, we kayaked for one hour to see a melting glazier, which we explored. Later, we took a ship from Stockholm to Tallin in Estonia.

Lastly we went to a life changing place call Kiruna, a small town located in the Arctic Circle. Getting there took us 24 hour in train, but it was all worth it to be surrounded by three feet of snow and a clear sky with Northern lights. Once we settled into a cozy cabin on a lake, the host prepared great reindeer meat for dinner and we relaxed in a warm sauna. But the real highlight of this trip was the dog sledding. The experience of being pulled by ten was amazing!

The study abroad program changed my life. Although taking classes in a different country was beneficial for my education and my multicultural background, I got to build friendships that will last forever and memories that will always stay with me. From my first Swedish Fika in August to my French Christmas, today I can say that my heart will always remember this experience. I am a first generation college student and the first one in my family to study abroad. I can now say that my international experience made me grow as a person.
Cindy Gonzalez Industrial Engineering, Jonkoping University
This has been the best three months of my life and I've met so many amazing people. This experience has opened my eyes to the world around me. So far I have visited Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Budapest, and Kiruna for the northern lights!
Wyatt Champion Environmental Engineering
Studying in Sweden was probably the best experience of my life. Not only did it allow me to travel all over Europe, see and try new things, but it gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who will be life-long friends. Professionally, it has opened door after door. An international school experience makes a remarkable impression on your resume. If there is the slightest bit of interest on your part to participate in this program, don't hestitate. Jump at this opportunity. I promise, you won't regret it.
Leah Russell Computer Engineering
Studying in Jönköping was a great adventure, it opened my eyes to new cultures and really brought me out of my shell. I met people from literally all around the world and got a chance to learn about many different places and cultures. I'm looking forward to traveling around Scandenavia and through the rest of Europe. If you have the chance to study abroad don't let the opportunity pass you by.
Matt Draper Computer Engineering
The best piece of advice I have for all college students is to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad (and don't doesn't cost as much as you might think). The time spent in another country was extremely valuable and introduced me to a whole new world, culture and people and is something I will never forget. As a student, I was able to participate in courses related to my major while seeing it from a whole new perspective (more hands on and more international ideas). Studying abroad was an experience that encouraged me to grow out of my personal shell and my cultural cave while expanding my knowledge and ability to show compassion. Honestly, words don't do the experience justice.
Kimberly Raymond Civil Engineering
I can honestly say with the utmost confidence that studying abroad has really changed me as an individual and has also helped me in preparation for the professional working environment. Choosing to study abroad was indeed the best decision of my life; the amount of diversity of cultures is simply mind-boggling as you step into the midst of an entirely foreign country and a rush of new sensations hit you as you truly open your eyes for the first time. Studying abroad really gives you an opportunity to take risks and really push yourself to your limits in trying anything out of the ordinary, something different, perhaps even bizarre, without any kind of stereotype and prejudice. As a result, you get to travel around in exotic and beautiful landscapes, and make new friendships from all over the globe. Some of my closest friends right now are in fact thousands of miles away from me whom I would never have met if I did not choose to study abroad. This invaluable opportunity has also provided me with a great deal of exposure to living and working in another country as well as enabling me to refine my team development skills with others from all over the world.
Linda Nguyen Computer Engineering