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Grad Students


The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) has outstanding faculty, state-of-the art facilities, several affiliated research centers, a rigorous curricula, and major industry partnerships such as Harris Corporation, Disney, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA-KSC, Siemens Corporation, and many others.

The student body at CECS is also diverse: a leading College for women in engineering, where women comprise 22% of the graduate student body, and also a magnet college for international students in that 32% of the graduate student body are international students. CECS supports many teaching and research assistantship positions as well.

The Graduate Catalog is the official source of degree requirements for all graduate programs based upon the year you are accepted to UCF.


Graduate Special Registration Access Agreement
CECS Override
UCF Graduate Studies Forms


Please use this checklist to make certain that you fulfill all admission requirements and send your application materials to the correct place for your program of interest.

Prospective student are encouraged to complete a pre-screening submission to the College before completing UCF's Graduate Studies' online application.

You can file your Pre-Screening Submission HERE!

Once your pre-application is approved, you may proceed to the university's application located at the College of Graduate Studies website.

Please make sure to meet the application deadlines that are listed on the Graduate Studies website. If all of your applications materials are not submitted by the corresponding deadline, you will not be admitted into the program.


Our Graduate Student Orientation is designed for new graduate students. You can RSVP to the upcoming ucf CECS New Graduate Student Orientation here.

We have uploaded the presentation here that was offered during orientation. This presentation contains general graduate student information about the College, as well as, program completion requirements and student responsibilities while pursuing a graduate degree or a certificate program.

In addition to the information provided here, new student information is also available on the College of Graduate Studies website.


The College has faculty to help graduate students succeed academically and professionally. Our faculty members are prominent researchers in their fields and many of our graduate students are involved with these research projects as well.

To find a faculty member within your research interest, please visit your department’s website or our website on Research.


Graduate certificates can be obtained to enhance your master or doctorate degrees or to enhance your professional experience. Most consist of 12-20 credit hours and can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Here is a listing of our current certificates that we offer:

Civil Engineering - Construction Engineering
Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering - Transportation Engineering
Industrial Engineering - Applied Operations Research
Industrial Engineering - Design for Usability
Industrial Engineering - Industrial Ergonomics and Safety
Industrial Engineering - Project Engineering
Industrial Engineering - Quality Assurance
Industrial Engineering - Systems Engineering
Industrial Engineering - Systems Simulation for Engineers
Industrial Engineering - Training Simulation


To graduate, students must submit their intent to graduate online by logging into myUCF and then navigating to Student Self Service ❯ Graduation ❯ Intent to Graduate: Apply.

Visit for detailed information including deadline dates for graduation. Failure to meet deadline dates will result in postponing your graduation to the following semester.

All petitions must be approved no later than the semester preceding graduation.

Graduating students must be enrolled in the term of graduation.

Graduate students writing a thesis or dissertation and who are graduating within the next two semesters should review all Thesis and Dissertation Policies located here. Please note that missing a thesis or dissertation deadline will result in a student no longer being eligible for graduation that term.

New College Reporting Requirement for Defending PhD Students

A defending PhD student is required to post the defense announcement on the Grad Defense Submission website at least two weeks before the actual defense date. The posted information include the student's name, date and time of defense, building & room number, names of the dissertation committee members, and the dissertation Abstract. Effective Summer 2014, graduating PhD students are required to supply additional information at the time of posting their defense announcement. The newly enhanced Grad Defense Submission website will ask the student to enter the following additional information: selected list of publications, talks, and patents; impact of the dissertation research including the benefits of this research to the student’s specialized field of study and potentially to the society, academic and work history and selected honors.

A Word template (Click here to download) is provided to the graduating PhD students to facilitate and speed up the submission of their PhD defense announcement. Students should complete the word document with the proper information, then just cut from this document and paste into the appropriate fields during submission. When the submission is finalized and approved by the college Graduate Coordinator, a 4-page PDF brochure is automatically produced and is emailed to the student and all the committee members.

Posting the Defense Announcement

CECS master thesis and PhD students must post their Defense Announcement no later than two weeks prior to their defense date. To post a defense announcement, please click here.

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