Approximately 130 College of Engineering and Computer Science students registered for the opportunity to gaininsight about employment after college, as UCF alumni reviewed resumes,conducted mock interviews, and contributed to roundtable discussions aboutemployment in engineering and related entrepreneurship. Nearly 40 alumniparticipated, arriving from as far away as Jacksonville.

Both the number of student registrationsand alumni were doubled from last year’s event, enabling the students to makegreater potential career contacts.

“Alumni volunteers give students thechance to get an engineering-specific take on what it takes to get a job in thefield of engineering, giving them a ‘one up’ on the competition in the workforce,” said Sarah Dillon, assistant director of Alumni Relations, CECS. “The event prepares students for their first technical job search in anonthreatening environment.”

One student realized the ultimate goalof connecting with a patent attorney; another student interviewed with an alumnus at a local corporation in a department of interest. The mood wasdecidedly optimistic.

“If we do our job right today, fiveyears from now these students will look back and realize that they are in theplace they are in life because of the advice they received at this event,”commented Josh Subrahmanyam, an alumni participant who graduated in 2013.

Said aerospace major EricaAgnello-Patman: “I’m now less scared of going to an actual interview. Itwas nice that this event was casual and fun; it made me a lot less nervous.”

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