Improved Hurricane Wind Measurements Using QuikSCAT

Project Description

The SeaWinds microwave scatterometer is a conical-scanning radar that remotely senses ocean surface wind vector from a near-polar orbiting satellite known as QuikSCAT. The measurement geometry is given in Fig. 1. The backscattered energy is collected over the entire conical scan (forward and aft looking) with separate offset pencil beams, vertical or horizontal polarization. The pulse repetition frequency and antenna scan rate have been designed to provide approximately 50% overlap of the instantaneous field of view (IFOV) in both the along track and cross track directions. This sampling can be used to provide four backscatter measurements on a 0.125 deg x 0.125 deg grid (12.5 km) with two forward looks (V-pol & H-pol) and two aft looks (V-pol & H-pol).

The radar backscatter, called the normalized radar cross section , is proportional to the ocean surface wind vector. The variation in azimuth is determined by the radar look direction compared to the wind direction. The largest occurs when the wind direction is towards the radar (upwind) and the minimum occurs for crosswind (90 deg between the radar look and the wind direction). The average value of (over all azimuths) is proportional to wind speed. Thus by measuring at four different azimuths, we can solve for the unknown wind speed and direction. The aim of this project is to develop a geophysical retrieval algorithm that uses QSCAT data to infer wind speed in a hurricane. An example of preliminary QSCAT wind speed results are shown for hurricane Floyd (Sept. 1999) in Fig. 2. Unfortunately part of the storm is obscured by strong rain; but the high resolution of QSCAT can “see between the rain bands” to measure the surface winds.



Josko Zec

Ian Stuart Adams

Jun-Dong Park


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