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Rafik's Wedding (Aug. 2004 ,Tallahassee)

"Dude, my Jeep can go anywhere..."

Jun's farewell party at Rafik's house -- thanks to him

Have you watched the movie "Finding Golf" yet?

Khalil: "I like bear -- it's STRONG and TOUGH."
Ian: "I agree. But, you know, the more is the better."
Golf: "Me? I like MOOSE, cause it makes my hair looks nice."

MicroRad 2010 DC: "Reunion"

MicroRad 2010 DC: "Streets of DC can be dangerous"

Pete's Defense: "There's Strength in numbers"

Happy Day in NNN Ranch -- no snakes!

"...except over the puddle"

IGARSS in Alaska, Sep. 2004

FYI: Do you know Dr.Jones was once "Robin" before?

Graduation Summer 2009 "Busy Day for Dr. J"
How many grad students does it take to screw in a light bulb?

MicroRad 2010 DC: You have to smile when there's a poster

MicroRad 2010 DC: Ruba & Her LIFE: HIRAD

MicroRad 2010 DC: Gathering of CFRSLers
(Dr. Jones academic childeren)

PMM Science Meeting 2011: "Where Waldo? or Steve & Spencer"

CFRSLers on top of Eng 1 Bldg (Admiring Ray's Radiometer)